To be effective, take care of appearance

There are no ideal people, perfect forms, just as there are those who can hide their shortcomings effectively, and to emphasize the advantages, and there are those who do not. Such, even with the correct facial features and figure 90/60/90, do not attract the eye.

To be effective, first of all, take care of your appearance. Don't flatter yourself, try to figure out what the flaws are clearly evident, and what advantages you need to focus. If you don't manage yourself, ask for help sister, mother, friend. Then have the battle take a cosmetics and clothing.

Keep in mind that now sell many so-called adjustment figure lingerie. With it, you can easily remove the tummy, reduce the waist, enlarge Breasts.

If you have difficulty applying makeup, choosing the right style and color, it is better to consult a specialist. Stylists of all kinds will always help you to bright eyes, effectively curved eyebrows, long thick lashes, full lips, high cheekbones and stylish original cut and style.

If you can't afford such a luxury, then follow the basic rules of daily skin care, hair, pick the closet, following the chosen style, learn to combine things, necessarily give up the nails, pay attention to your accessories and handbags, jewelry.

The confidence effect is obvious

Don't torture yourself chasing stylish dresses and shoes on high heels. You can look fashionable without having expensive things. Create your own, only you the appropriate style, follow it, but do not forget to experiment with his image.

Buy a fashion magazine, look to women on the street notice what you like about their image, zarisovyval these models on the paper, note what components of clothes and hairstyle is a particular style. Then assess objectively what would look effectively for you. Don't forget to consider your facial features, shape features, the taste of your loved one.

Remember that an open, confident in yourself the woman will always be the center of attention, not that pinched and shy about their appearance. Go before leaving the house to the mirror, look again at yourself, tell yourself that you the best and beautiful, smart and sexy. Straighten shoulders, straighten your back, smile and immediately notice how on the street you will delightedly watch men.