Do animals enjoy sex

Do the animals enjoy the process of intercourse? This is quite a controversial issue, so the scholars differed, some believe that the experience, while others just don't know how to check it. In fact, when mating, both animals and humans involved the same region of the brain, but to learn something about the emotional state of animals at this point is almost impossible.

What dolphins are like human

However, it is known that dolphins are the only animals that can have sex for fun. The sexual act itself takes them a short period of time, but can often be repeated. It should be noted that different types of dolphins may have between sexual relations, resulting in hybrids.

They are pretty advanced creatures with a high level of nervous organization. Moreover, their brain weighs almost as much as humans. For dolphins, sex life is a kind of free play that is not restrained, no restrictions.

Than dolphins differ from person

It should be noted that dolphins have a high sociality, that is, they, as humans, create specific groups. For example, their flock is organized like human society, they also have couples, but unlike people, they are formed for life. They are also capable of experiencing such feelings as love, affection and friendship. It turns out that even small delfinato when they become adults, end of life care in relation to their parents.

Dolphins, like humans, communicate with each other, but the audible warning system, which they use to communicate, imperceptible to the human ear. There is even speculation that these wise beings call each other by name.

Than dolphins different from other animals

Dolphin differs from other animals in that he has a lot of free time. Other animals most of the time spent on obtaining food, the Dolphin for this occupation takes them only half an hour a day. That's why Dolphin can afford to play, have fun and have sex for pleasure.

The smartest of these animals are very sociable, easily go on contact with people, to tame them is not difficult. That is why they are actively engaging in any underwater activities, they are excellent assistants for people. History knows many examples when these animals are rescued drowning people and even entire ships going on the reefs.