First of all, remember – you have every right to write in the complaints book any claim, no matter how small it may be. Too loud music in the restaurant, shouting down the tellers in the sales area, inappropriate jokes of the guard in the showroom is deserve to them to complain. But serious offenses like scoring, rudeness or bad service should be marked mandatory.
Complaints book is usually kept by the administrator or the service Department. You are required to provide it upon request. And you, for their part, have the right not to explain to the administrator or other employees, what you plan to write.Don't be surprised if the store or salon, you will be asked who you want to complain. This is not idle curiosity – maybe a cleaning service or security relates to a completely different legal entity and, accordingly, they should have their own complaints book.
Before reading, flip through the bookand you will understand how this company treat customer complaints. The book of complaints, each complaint must be followed by a reaction in the special field of the responsible person of the enterprise enter actions taken on the basis of a complaint, and certifies it with his signature.The absence of comments from representatives of the company – a violation on their part. You have every right to point this out to the administrator. Ask whether the company to respond to your complaint.
State the claim on a designated page. If you want to complain about a specific employee, enter its position and name. If it is not listed on the name tag, specify the name of the staff member or administrator. Remember – let you to conceal the names of the employees they are not eligible. If the name of the delinquent failed to find out, mark it in the complaint a separate line.
You can subscribe or write a complaint anonymous. Fill in the column "Home address" is optional. But if you want the company's management has informed you about the results of your claim or apologize in person, enter your home or email address, and your phone.