You will need
  • - the item you wish to return;
  • documents for this product;
  • - a sheet of A4 paper;
  • - handle.
St. 25 of the Federal law "On protection of consumer rights" gives a clear list of goods which are subject to exchange (return). If the merchandise that you for any reason wish to return belongs to this list, write a letter (statement) of his return.
By the way, do not forget that the goods can be returned within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase. Provided that the consumer properties of the goods, labels, packaging are in good condition. The sales receipt also desirable, but its absence does not prevent the buyer from relying on the testimony of witnesses.
A statement will be issued in writing in two copies, one to give to the seller, and on your instance, ask to put a mark of acceptance. Also on the second copy must specify the date of adoption, title, and signature of the person who took the statement. If you are denied adoption of a letter of claim from the owner, you have the right to send it by registered letter, with return receipt and inventory of the contents of the letter (attachments).
Take a sheet of A4. In the upper right corner, write, to whom it is addressed your claim (for example, the Manager of the store) where it's going (name of organization) and who (your personal data).
In the main part of the document clearly state all the details: where, when you acquired the goods. Specify the reasons why you did not come. Let us know your requirements. At the end of the text of the letter be sure to include your potential next steps (for example, the requirement about collecting of the caused moral harm).
At the end of the statement (letter) put your signature and the date of its publication. Also below list the annexes to the letter: a copy of the commodity or cash receipt, warranty card and other documents proving the marriage (fault) of the product.