Write the statement on return of a defective product , you can in advance, before coming to the store. It is written in any form on plain paper – standard writing or torn from a notebook.
The address part of the statement is located in the upper right corner of the sheet. Write head and the name of the organization in which you purchased the product. On the receipt or in the contract of sale has all the necessary data. Specify the address of the shop where the product was purchased. Then write from someone 's statement: your name, initials, address, passport details and contact phone number.
In the middle of the sheet write the word "Statement" and present his request for the return of defective goods. The text of the statement write, retreating 2 cm from the left edge and 1 cm from the right edge of the sheet.
First describe the circumstances of the purchase. Specify the date and give a detailed description of the product: name, brand, item, cost. Refer to the document that can serve as a proof of purchase, receipt, contract of sale.
To give greater weight to their words, mention article 4 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights", which States that the seller must deliver goods to customers only good quality, and say that this requirement of the law has been violated. List the identified deficiencies of the purchased goods. If you applied to the technical expertise of the warranty, or workshop, attach documents confirming the malfunction or need replacement parts.
Let that in connection with the revealed malfunctions you terminate the contract of sale and ask to refund the amount paid for the goods. Specify how you want to get money: in cash at the store, by postal order to the address provided or to your Bank account. In the latter case, do not forget to specify the Bank details necessary for the speedy and proper transfer of funds.
Sign the end of the statement, give a transcript of his paintings and specify the date of the application. Cash you should get at the store no later than 3 days from this date.