Make a statement in defense of the rights of the consumer. In the header write, and to whom I served this statement, add your address, passport details and contact phone number. The body of the letter state when and under what circumstances infringed on your rightsas a buyer. Remember that statement - the official document, it needs to refrain from words expressive color. Present only the facts, the dry business language.
Be sure to specify the date when the incident occurred (date of purchase defective goods or inadequate services, for example). Describing your claim, you can refer to the corresponding articles of laws of the Russian Federation, if known. Fill in the details of the seller or staff, to which you have a valid claim.
At the end of the claim specify your requirements on the basis of the above facts. Example: to arrange a test in the shop or public catering enterprise, based on selected facts. Be sure to submit all the documents you have on hand. It can be checks, as cash and commodity, warranties, rightskey... do Not give the originals, make copies.
Please contact the office for the protection of the rights of consumers in the community, bring them a written claim for your personal signature and ask her to endorse. If the representative of Department of protection of the rights of consumers refusing to accept your statement, he must specify the reason.