Keep in mind that there is a list of products that you will not be able to return to the store. These include personal hygiene items, linen, jewelry made of precious metals, materials and even certain types of goods. If you have purchased the product in this list, start to make a statement. To its form and content, no special requirements, but there are some writing rules that should be followed.
In the address bar. enter the name of the vendor, his address. Write from whom the statement: your name, name and patronymic, address of residence, passport data and contact numbers.
In the introduction, indicate where, when and for what amount the item was purchased, give its full name, enter the brand or part number, quantity units of the goods. If there is a receipt, mention it as a proof of purchase.
Describe your claims to the product, list of defects. In this case, you can refer to article 4 of the RF Law "On protection of rights of consumers" from 07.02.92 No. 2300-1, which obliges the seller to pass on to consumers the goods which quality corresponds to the contract terms or requirements of established standards.
In the final part, note that based on the foregoing I ask you to dissolve the contract on the sale and to refund you for the purchase in the amount paid for the goods. Do not forget to specify in what form you should be listed amount: details of your Bank account, mailing address for remittance by mail or cash.
Note that if you want the expertise of a faulty product, during the warranty period it is obliged to pay the seller. If the warranty period has expired, the buyer must contact the independent experts and to pay for the examination yourself. Costs will be reimbursed to you by the court, if it is in your favor.