First of all, make a statement about the revealed defects of the goods, which is essentially a claim. You have the right to submit a claim to either the seller or the manufacturer (importer) of the goods. In the claim, specify:
- the name and address of the shop or the name of the individual entrepreneur, it was the location of the outlets where the product was purchased. Such information typically is contained on the cash receipt, or you may require provision of such information at the point of sale of the goods;
- your surname, name, patronymic, address, telephone number);
- product name, date of purchase and the amount paid by you for the goods;
- identified deficiencies.
At the end of the claim formulate their demands based on article 18 of the RF Law "On protection of consumers' rights. By law, if under the guise of quality you were sold the defective product (marriage), you can claim:
- replacement of faulty goods at the identical quality product;
- replacement of defective goods for quality product of another brand, another model, or another article with the appropriate recalculation of prices;
- reduction in purchase price commensurate with the identified shortcomings;
- immediate free elimination of defects;
- reimbursement for deficiencies that you have made on their own or through third parties;
- refund for the product amount. The defective product is returned to the seller, if the seller is required, at seller's expense.
In addition, on the basis of the same article, you can demand compensation for all losses, carried you as a result of the sale of defective goods.
Don't forget to sign the statement and put it on the current date.
Attach to the application copies of existing documents of purchase (sales receipt, cash receipt). If these checks you got, don't be embarrassed by this circumstance in accordance with part 5 of article 18 of the RF Law "On protection of consumers' rights, this does not detract from your rights of the consumer and cannot serve as a basis for refusal in satisfaction of the declared requirements.
When the statement is ready, otsenite his copy for yourself. Hand the statement to the seller (manufacturer, importer) one of the following:
personally, the individual entrepreneur, the store or to one of the sellers. The remaining you have photocopies of the person who you have the applicationmust supply visa with the indication of their position, surname and initials, date of acceptance of the application;
- by mail by registered letter with notification and list of enclosures.