Sequins. Using those flat plastic ornaments with hole, can add Shine to even the most plain jeans. Sequins just make some interesting patterns. To make it easier, if you know how to sew at least buttons. However, sequins and glue, if denim is not too tight.
Paint the jeans with the acrylics is quite an original approach. You don't have to wield a needle and thread. Just buy a glossy or matte paint, make a stencil by printing out some fashionable pattern and cutting it. Dyeing jeans is better a small piece of foam or a soft sponge. Do not stretch material, so as not to smear the paint. Causing the drawing, it progladte iron tracing paper.
Application. This is a classic. Of an application are different. You can take ready-made thermoapplication, propadu the iron, or to make a picture from fabric with your own hands. Applications can also patch up holes on clothes. The main thing – not to transform the composition into a heap of pictures of fabric.
Glow paint is the perfect choice for lovers of parties. These paints put on jeans beautiful pattern, will glow under the action of the neon lamps. You can also use luminous applications or threads.
Beading is another classic item which you can use to make old jeans fashionable. Patterns beaded look very attractive on any outfit.
If you have no beads, no acrylic paints, no appliqués, you can put on jeans with artificial wear. Tight jeans can be transformed with the help of sandpaper. Just be careful not to damage fabric. For thin or stretchy denim clothes can be done a few scuffs conventional coarse pumice.
Holes. This technique is one of the easiest ways of existing in service at handmaker. However, just to make a hole – this is not the case. In this case there are subtleties. First mark the cut with a piece of soap or chalk, and then try the thing. If the hole is appropriate, proceed to its creation. That's all.