You will need
  • computer;
  • the video game console Xbox 360;
  • - Windows media center.
For console connections on your computer must have two NICs, they must be fully prepared to work. For this you need to install the drivers.
Read the case of the Xbox 360. On the back of the console is exactly the interface as a network card that is installed on the computer. Connect the second network card of the computer to the console using the cable supplied with the device. In the absence of such, you can purchase it separately.
Then turn on Internet connection on your computer. Then turn on the Xbox 360. You will see that the PC has recorded two network connections: PC to the Internet and the console.
Now you need to open the console component of Xbox Live. After that, go to the section Automatic. After a few seconds the system will configure all the necessary settings, and STB will be connected to the Internet.
You can also view files from the console. To do this, use Windows media center. If this component is not yet installed on your operating system, you can download it from the Internet. The following steps must be performed after the console is already connected to the PC (described above).
Start Windows media center. Select "Settings", then "Connecting entertainment system". Click on "Search". A notification will appear to allow console connections. Click "Next". You will be prompted for a password.
Further included on the console media center. After checking the IP address of the computer you should see the password. You can sometimes see the error notification. Simply select "Next". The procedure is repeated. Enter this password in the window that appeared previously, then click Next. Now the computer should sync with the console.