You will need
  • Computer;
  • emulator Cxbx-0.7.8 c.
To run console games on your computer using special emulators. But if the emulators to the older versions of the console working more stable, the emulation of the games on the Xbox360 can be a problem. To start, you should make sure that your computer has sufficient capacity. You must have at least a dual-core CPU, preferably with a frequency exceeding 3.2 GHz. Preferably two gigabytes of RAM and good dedicated graphics card with 512 megabytes of memory. In General, the more powerful the computer, the higher the probability of starting the game on the computer.
As already noted, to run games from consoles are using special emulators. Download Internet emulator Cxbx-0.7.8 c. It does not require installation. Just unzip the archive to any folder. Launch the emulator. After launching it, select Settings. Further in the appeared menu, click on Сonfig video.
The window opens the graphics settings. Select the check box next to Start in fullscreen. Then click on the arrow beside the line Video resolution. The window will open a list of possible screen resolutions. Set the minimum resolution.
Then click File. In the menu, select Open xbp. Then in the browse window, specify the path to the saved image of the game. Now the game will open. Control and other settings can be configured using the menu of the emulator.
It should be noted that there is no guarantee that the game will definitely run on PC using emulator. Also there is no guarantee that it will not "slow down". It all depends on the specific game and the power of your computer. So don't be surprised when you try to open it you just see the error the emulator is running, or after starting the game it will be pretty "slow down".