You will need
  • computer;
  • driver;
  • - the Internet.
First of all you should connect the joystick to your computer. Find the computer socket, connector, or port for this device. Connect the joystick. It is also worth noting that similar devices in the kit is a special instruction according to which to produce the connection and installation of all the system settings on your computer.
For normal operation, which requires drivers to be installed on a personal computer are the installation discs. After you have connected the joystick to the computer, insert the installation disc. Wait a few seconds until the computer will read the disc. Usually any CD-ROM starts automatically. If this did not happen, the log in the folder "My computer" and click twice the left button of the mouse on the disk icon. By the time the regular icon should change to the logo that has the installation disk.
When there is no disc please contact the service where you bought the device or upload necessary software at your own pace. In the opened window, read the license agreement and check the box next to "I accept" or "I agree" to the license agreement. The autorun program will start the installation of device drivers, in your case, the joystick. You have to read the questions and press the "OK" or "Next".
When the software installation is complete, click the "finish" button. The device is ready for operation. To save all settings in the operating system, restart the computer and try to play the game.