You will need
  • PC joystick
For Win'95/98/Me were prepared driver company "Earle F. Philhower, III Inc.". Install it very easy.
Choose "start" then "control Panel".
There you will find a folder "Gaming device". Click on this folder.
You will see that a window opened on the "Game controller", that is, the control panel these joysticks. At the bottom there is a button "Add". Push it.
In the list that appears, the joystick will not. Choose the "Install from disk" it is Necessary to specify the folder where you placed the file In the left column you should see a file *.inf. Click “OK” twice.
Select "Finish". Back again in the list of joysticks. There should see the "DirectPad Pro Controller" and the string "DirectPad Force Feedback Controller. If you have a simple joystick, choose the first item ("DirectPad Pro Controller"). In all other cases it is necessary to choose "DirectPad Force Feedback Controller. Click “OK”.
Before you install the driver be sure to check whether the Game port. If missing, install it.
Find the joystick, right click, enable "Properties".
Locate the tab called "Configure". Select the type of joystick. In the item ID, click “ID controller”. Menu "Parallel Port" set LPT port to which you connected the joystick. In the same "Properties" you can see the joysticks, their calibration.