In the header of the application write the name of the head of the housing Department, their details, their place of residence.
In the statement specify the fact of the leak as to what part of the apartment and how it happened. Describe where flowed the water from the walls or from the ceiling, enter the material damage caused to you by the leak.
Finish the statement with the request to repair the roof above your apartment.
The statement put the date and a legible signature.The statement must be written in two copies, one you leave in ZHEU, the second instance is responsible for accepting applications worker ZHEU should put the number under which the application is accepted, the date of adoption and the signature of receipt.
Workers ZHEU should contact the company that repairs of this type. A specialist company will evaluate the scope of work and estimate, then the contract will be signed-a contract to repair the roof. The cost of works on repair of a roof should be divided by all residents of an apartment building in proportion to the square of ownership. After payment of the required amount of work on the roof repair needs to be made in the shortest time.
Although the law does not specify the timing of repair of public property, however, in accordance with the "Rules of the maintenance of the common property in an apartment house(article 40), you can demand timely repair and removal of defects.
In practice, the more you'll be interested in the fate of his application, in person or on the phone, the faster the housing Department will take any action.