Specify if written request for repair in free form or there is a certain sample. Various applications are handled in different ways.
Start writing the statement should specify the addressee. He will consider your application and carry on this issue. This is usually the name of the housing and its details, the name of the Director of the institution and the initials. Then fill in your details: home address, name, contact numbers. This information should be placed right on top of the sheet.
Then in the middle of the line write the word "Statement", state the nature of the treatment according to the existing sample. Whether the request or the claim, describe the situation, to avoid unnecessary questions. This will help to solve the problem.
The application must attach the documents available to you (a contract for the provision of services receipt of payment, and so on). Will be very good if you make copies of each document just in case. Sign your application and do not forget to specify the date of its issuance.
Application in housing and communal services always make two copies. Ensure that the document was noted by the person receiving it. Must be marked with the document number and date of adoption, provided the position and name accepted the application of a person.
Be sure to check when your application will be reviewed and when your question will be decided. As already mentioned, you definitely need to make a copy of the application – in case if your appeal will be ignored. In this case, you will be able to go to court.