You will need
  • the civil code;
  • - housing code;
  • - agreement with the management company.
In the upper right corner, write the name of the organization that sent the document. It is also desirable to indicate the surname, name, patronymic of the top Manager of the company. Below, write your data: surname, name, patronymic, address, contact phone number.
Next, state the nature of the problem. Information should be clear and specific, without unnecessary emotions. To justify their claims to existing violations use quotations from laws and regulations. It is also the basis for your writing can be standards of sanitary regulations and norms set by the regulations and terms of the contract with the management company, excerpts from housing and the civil code.
To irregularities on the part of the management of the company was resolved as quickly as possible, set this specific time. There will also be the actual link to the law unless it is specified deadlines for the elimination of existing violations.
At the end of the document, put your signature and write the name. If the claim put forward by a few tenants, each must sign a drafted letter.
Make the application to the claim. This may include copies of letters, photographs, certificates, which are evidence of a violation. They also need to refer to when writing the claim letter. Write a list of all attached documents.
If the claim consists of two or more pages, number them and at the end of the letter write that the document contains so many pages.
Make a claim in two copies and one of them personally take the management company to the second copy, the Secretary set an appointment. If the company refused to accept the claim, send it by mail with notice and list of documents. In this case, proof of sending the document will be mail receipt with the date of sending claims.
Save a second copy of the submitted document with a mark about receipt or receipt from the post office until the final decision of the arisen question.