You will need
  • - a digital camera;
  • paper;
  • - handle.
Report the facte of the leak in the housing organisation which serves the house. This can be done by phone or in person. Be sure to ask the name and position of employee who made a request. Call a plumber immediately should come to shut off the flow of water in the riser or the whole house is dependent on the structural characteristics of utilities.
Take a picture of each room of the apartment and all property damaged by water. Use the digital camera functionality which provides the option to set the date and time on pictures. Later these photos will act as proof of damages in court.
Demand from competent organisations to make the act of flooding the apartment. Act on the leak of the Commission, which includes representatives supports the structure of the housing organization, the plumber. The document is drawn up in the presence of the tenant.
Insist that the Commission has to act on the leak in two copies, one of which will remain with the injured party. The document must be described haracter of flooding, its volume, lists all of the useless property (furniture, appliances, lighting, repairs, etc.). In the actshould be clearly stated the cause of the leak, which further significantly simplify the recovery of damages.
Sign the document only after carefully read its contents and verify compliance is included in the description of points of factble circumstances.