Arriving in condominiums or housing Department, ask for a sample application for the repair of the roof. It is better to write two statements. The first option to give consideration, and on the second, ask to put the signature of the employee of the municipal service who took your statement, and need to print. It may be a situation that the employees of the housing authority can say that it has not received such statements, so please be evidence.
Standard sample application looks like the following: in the header is your name, the name of the head of the HOA or housing Department, residence. In the main part, specify the fact of a leak in any part of the apartment and when it happened. Shall describe in detail, where water flowed from the ceiling or from the walls how badly damaged your apartment.Material damage is estimated by the Commission, which should be in your apartment after you apply.
Workers TSZH or housing departments are required to contact the company conducting the repair- ing of this type of work. Employee will estimate and calculate the volume of all necessary works. Next will be a contract for the repair of the roof. The cost of the work should be divided to all tenants based on the area of ownership. After paying the required amount of work on repair ofthe roof should be made in the most expeditious time. Increasingly interested in the fate of submitted your application then TSZH zhehu faster or will take all necessary actions.