You will need
  • - passport of all parties involved,
  • - documents of title to the apartment
  • - notarized authorization from all owners,
  • - the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, if the owners are minors, incapable or partially capable persons
  • - agreement of purchase and sale,
  • - the act of transfer and acceptance,
  • - registration of rights of common ownership.
The last article takes effect only if the marriage is not registered and there is common ownership, which are allowed by article 256 section 1 of the civil code and article 34 paragraph 1 of the Family code. The regulations of these articles, says no matter to whom of the spouses the property is decorated in the period of cohabitation was marriage, by law, in any case, she belongs to both spouses, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
Therefore, if the marriage registered and a marriage contract, you can arrange an apartment for any spouse. By law, it will belong to them in equal share ownership.
If the marriage is not registered or the apartment is made for two people who are not spouses, the hallmark of the registration of the contract of purchase and sale is an indication of the fact that the apartment is purchased in a shared ownership property buyers.
All the rest of the design has no distinguishing features from ordinary transaction of purchase and sale. As in normal transaction, the seller of property needs to be its owner, have documents ready for sale, which include the extract from the cadastral passport of the apartment, cadastral plan, a notarized authorization from all co-owners for sale in accordance with article of the civil code of the Russian Federation No. 244, p. 3 about the General share property. From the apartment should all be discharged. If owners of General share of ownership was a minor, incapable or partially capable citizens who will take the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship on sale.
After conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale and the acceptance report-transfer of ownership rights must be registered in the Federal registration centre for unified registration of real estate and transactions with it. On the basis of the contract of sale, made on the sale of an apartment in common ownership, the real estate register and issue a certificate of common ownership.