To mow high grass on the site. Flatten the land, wikicite stumps. Snakes do not like open spaces and prefer to hide in the thickets on shady moist areas.
Eliminate all piles of leaves, sand, compost. Burn the trash, disassemble big stacks - these places are ideal for snake nests.
Treat the area around nitrate or any other chemical fertilizer. This treatment should be undertaken three times at intervals of 2-3 days. Then treat area regularly, once a month or at least the appearance of snakes. Note that if you have Pets, contact with chemical fertilizers, extreme care is required. Pour them out of reach for your Pets places - for example, strictly under the fence.
Another effective way to handle plot is the use of vinegar. However, this method requires more regular treatment than using chemicals. Almost the same effect can be achieved by placing in the ground mothballs. Before you put naphthalene balls must be crushed.
Try to get rid of mice - these rodents are a favorite food of most snakes. Do not let education in the area of large puddles and the appearance of frogs - they are also quite suitable for the snake.
Set on a plot of special repellents snakes. As you know, snakes don't perceive high-frequency sounds and ultrasound, but are very sensitive to infrasound and vibration. It is on these features of reptiles and founded the principle of operation of such devices - they spread around infrasound low power. Instruments should be placed in close proximity to the proposed location of the snakes.
Purchase and install at the site of the wind "vane." Their rotation creates a vibration and, as a rule, snakes crawl in search of a more peaceful place.
If all of the above methods did not help to get rid of unpleasant "neighborhood", it is recommended to seek the help of solowow.