Received from someone small help, Express gratitude just a word. But it is better to not say "thank you." Say "thank you" - that word carries a completely different feel. It is much richer phonetically and energy and causes more pleasant feelings in the person to whom it is addressed.
Administration of the organization may reward the employee for assistanceprovided in excess of normal duties, the official letter (letter of appreciation), or through the newspaper (thank-you article). Hand in a solemn ceremony of the diploma. This kind of recognition is always permanently stored. Although, as a rule, most employees will appreciate the gratitude in the form of material rewards.
Loved ones or friends can repay with the help ofYu congratulatory letters or postcards. Apply to "words" gift – what they love or what they dreamed and said. The woman, in any case, give a bouquet of flowers.
In gratitude to the beloved/the beloved arrange a romantic candlelight dinner or take her to eat, give something very special, for example, a poem written by you. Go to a concert or to the theater, a romantic walk. Spend the evening together and organize it so that it will be long remembered.
Colleague thank orally in the presence of the team. Good words, spoken with other employees, sometimes less enjoyable than the amount of money in the envelope.
In gratitude to the doctor or teacher will buy a beautiful jar of coffee with the coffee mug, a box of expensive chocolates or a good alcoholic drink. You can also give a souvenir, some interesting and unusual writing instrument. If assistance has been significant, a great option is a gift card or certificate.
Always thank the other person, which you assistance or service. Appreciation for a specific action stresses that you appreciated the gesture. In any case litsemerte, people will feel it and take it as an insult. Thank you and not giving a gift out of obligation. Do it all from the heart.