People grumble and grumble, nothing they are not happy, they lose themselves, dissolving into a series of endless days. Of course, you can consult a specialist to correct the situation, but that no time, money, and just a shame to see a shrink. However, to put all this to chance is not the right decision, here's what you can do in this case to at least a little bit to adjust what is happening.

Try to change the perception of events by a conscious substitution of obligations and duties on luck and a successful outcome. Tell yourself "I should" "I must", "I need", and say "I was lucky". Let this be the first mechanical action, but gradually this substitution will give the actions and events of a positive connotation, and everything will begin to change. Say not "I must work", and "I was fortunate to work", not "I should" to cook the family dinner", and "I was lucky enough to cook the family dinner", not "I have to take the child out of kindergarten", and "I was lucky enough to pick up the child from kindergarten."

See how immediately shifted the emphasis, it's the realization that not everyone has a job, a family and child, once it is clear that you are, in fact, happy people, and happy people satisfied with their lives. Here's a simple psychological trick called the "practice of gratitude", it is a very simple and effective, though of course not cancel and does not replace the help of these professionals.