In the first place to soberly assess their emotional state and ability to analyze. When a girl is in love, she can not assess the situation as usual. She looks at the object of his interest through rose-colored glasses, and often she appears and he sends her lots of tokens. In fact, our feelings are not always mutual, awareness of this may cause deep disappointment and resentment. So, even if you are in love with, turn the mind and some time to quietly observe the guy you are interested in. This will help you to be objective.
If you have long been familiar with him, but I can not understand, whether you like him or is it all in your imagination, and frequent meetings only a coincidence - pay attention to the behavior of the guy. A man in love really looking for meetings and often throwing glances in the direction of the object of sympathy. Passing by his lovely girlfriend, he involuntarily straightens his back and sticks out his chest. In short, he wants to show itself from its best side. These are all signs that the person is indifferent to you. But in this case you need the comparison to look at the behavior of the guy with other girls.
Want to know the intentions of the guywith whom you go on a date first? If he tries to approach you, to hug, hugged her, briefly, it suggests that he is experiencing sexual attraction. If the guy is on a first date suggests you to intimacy, his intentions about you are unlikely to be serious.
If a date had been set, pay attention to how they pass. The guy who only wants to have sex will not be much to spend money on gifts or other entertainment for girls. The one you really like, will give gifts for no reason (even a little) at every meeting. He will do everything to try to please you.
Your conversations with your boyfriend may also help clarify, really it applies to you or not. If a guy tells you mostly about yourself, not interested in your life, this speaks to the fact that he flaunts in front of you - but you are his this is not particularly interesting. The same thing, if the guy at the meeting says only about his studies or about his favorite sport. If he talks about his friends and about his family, it says that he "sucks" you in your life. A good sign is that the guy asks you about family and friends. If he often talks about his ex-girlfriend (albeit not very well), think. I bet he still forgot it, and perhaps wants to restore relations with her.
Another important point - rely on your intuition. Girl on a subconscious level often feels like it belongs to a particular young person and what his intentions are. Listen to your heart and don't go on about the emotions.