A man in love shows his emotions violently. Even talking about your girlfriend or mentioning it in conversation, in love with a man changing his eyes burning, he becomes more emotional and worried. If the woman gives him a friendship, the man remains calm and even indifferent. Speaking of his mistress, he looks happy and looks forward to meeting, but these emotions are limited only to sexual excitement.
The expression of sexual desire. If between male and female friendships, the sexual overtones, they do not exist. The man perceives his partner only as his mistress, will be directly and openly to talk about it, because his goal is only to intimate relationships. A loving couple who are interested in a long affair with serious consequences in the form of marriage and birth, will be talking about sex interested, but hints and leading questions.
Acquaintance with relatives and friends. In the initial stages of a relationship a man hiding his girlfriend from loved ones, as he is still not sure of her feelings. He is unlikely to acquaint the mistress with parents, although it may invite the company of friends to boast about. A contender for the place of the future wife, the man begins to drive on to friends and acquaintances, brothers and sisters, and, in the end, it is parents – his feelings are quite definite and stable.
The man stops to chat with other women. Showing a greater interest in his beloved, the guy driving the number of contacts with other women to a minimum. Even friends of the opposite sex begin to experience a lack of communication with him, as he fully absorbed in his beloved.
The ratio of men to its promises. A man does not call back, maybe late for a meeting or even miss it only in one case – he is not interested in continuing the relationship, or completely indifferent. Burning with passion, the gentleman will be persistent and proactive, with serious intentions – soft, unyielding and confident. When planning a date, a fervent fan will adjust to the schedule of your friends, to show flexibility and to take into account her wishes.