How polite is he? There in front of you opens the door, skipping ahead? Politeness is one of the essential features of a caring man. If he's rude to you, then this is a clear indication that it is not configured for long-term relationship, because if he is rude, doesn't want to be a positive impression. Draw conclusions myself, as he to you in this case.
Look how he responds to your requests, especially if these requests are associated with his behavior or habits: for example, you don't like his habit of spit on asphalt. If you ask him not to do it - inferior or if it continues to persist? Be careful, because if he doesn't want to give up even in such trifles (and quite logical and understandable that you asked to be corrected), it is unlikely that it will afterwards listen to you when you speak on a more important issue.
Watch is he honest. Does he from himself what he demands from you? If he continues to smoke like a chimney, but it requires you to most certainly quit Smoking, is a serious sign. From such a person should not expect the sequence is the sequence is not one of the cornerstones of a good relationship? In this case, you will be able to determine what the mind of this man?
However, be careful with everything that concerns work or study. For most young people now career is very important, many with the greed to earn money. If it works and a little bit to see you, do not rush to shout on all corners that he doesn't love you and more connected to their work. This is not an indication that he doesn't want to see you. Maybe he earns the money later to live with you comfortably or saves you a gorgeous gift?
However, first of all it is necessary to rely on common sense and not throw tantrums for no reason. So you will only scare off the young man, and really not knowing what he was intent. Many men more than women, and their logic is amenable to interpretation as difficult as female. So use your head and don't let your emotions go overboard. And determine to start, what hopes do you lay on the young man.