Note the appearance of the applicant for the role of your betrothed. The man does not have to dress in the latest fashion, but his appearance should be harmonious and you.
Watch his manners: it is not necessary to demand from men a knowledge of Royal etiquette, but common courtesy in a conversation, the ability to open the door before the woman and to give her a hand, helping to get down the stairs, is a good sign.
Assess the willingness and ability to take care of you. If the person on the first call asking for assistance puts everything and, no matter where he was, hurtling towards you, it allows you to make the assumption that you will always feel protected.
Look at how he behaves with children. Revealing, whether he is shy kids, like leprosy, is trying if possible to avoid contact with them, even if in the house where you are invited to visit, full of kids. Or calmly to child tinkering around with interest, watching the kids and can even join in their game. The second option, of course, more preferable for the person with whom you are going to build your future home.
Listen as he talks about his mother. If you calmly and respectfully about her comments, without expressing to you once again their enthusiasm about some of her skills and achievements, for example, in cooking or crafts, parenting or work, then you held a grown man without complexes, in fact, the one. But if a man is just the thing for any occasion likes to insert: "But my mom..." with a list of all its accompanying advantages, then run from him without looking back, because you still will never be in his life more important than his parent.
Rate it an opportunity to provide you with a normal life. We are not talking about huge Bank accounts, and the ability and, most importantly, the desire of men to work for the good of his family.
Listen now to my heart. Even if all the above indicators male can claim on your hand, but the heart is silent, it is not necessary to take hasty decisions...