Prepare the working place. You will need a big Desk, white drawing paper, color paper, color pictures, magazines, paints, pencils, markers, gel glitter, confetti, glue, brush for paint and glue, pictures of the honoree.
Put a sheet of drawing paper on the table, attach a small cargo of sheet edges at the perimeter and corners of the paper. In the upper part of the future of the poster sketch congratulatory inscription in pencil. The words were smooth, use a special letter stencils. Or just draw on the line two parallel lines - lines. Paint the letters with colored gouache or watercolor. When the paint's dry, trace the letters for emphasis gel with glitter or markers of the same color.
Take your chosen color pictures, photographs of the birthday boy or cut out the contour of any and always on the subject of appropriate pictures from magazines. For that poster was striking, use a few large pictures (photos) and lots of little ones, or replace the small pictures painted with stars, flowers, drops of different colors and sizes. Carefully grease the back side of the photo with white glue, apply in the prearranged place of drawing paper. Try to make a nice theme song. When the picture dries, you can draw for them frames. Under the pictures is appropriate to comply with the relevant signatures, and can be in the form of humorous poems or epigrams.
Manufacture of colored or wrapping paper, foil with hole puncher colored confetti. In conclusion, scatter, and then stick a little confetti on the remaining, unfilled text, and images field of drawing paper. Let your poster glitters and shimmers - it'll add to the festivity.