1. First on the sheet need to make the field width should be at least two inches. This is necessary in order to make the newspaper visually separated from the wall.
2. Then marked a place under the title, number and date of issue, name of producing organization. As a rule, it is given to about one-fifth of the area of the newspaper. Between the header and the main text would be correct to leave some free space so that they are not merged.
3. Further, the size of the Newspapers need to partition under the materials that will be placed in it. Textual content and illustrations alternate. The most interesting materials are placed in the center of the newspaper is less important edges.
4. It is important that the composition of the newspaper was balanced, i.e. both parts have to be filled equally.
5. Text better to print on separate sheets and then pasted on the paper.
6. If you want to highlight any material or combine several on the same topic notes, they can draw a frame or run on colored paper.
7. Of course, to issue the newspaper is impossible without photos and drawings, it is very important to place them effectively. It is desirable that the drawings were made by professional.
8. Effectively in the newspaper looks applications that can use a magazine illustration. However, one should be careful not to overdo it with color spots.
9. Always interesting in the newspaper photograph. They themselves attract attention, but an even better solution would be the placement of carefully cut out the images on any unusual background or use a photo as one of the elements of big picture.
10. Special attention in the design of the wall newspaper should be paid to colours. Too colorful newspaper tire opinion, detracts from the content.