Traditional newspaper: pictures of the birthday boy and his family are interspersed with fun and good signatures, lines from songs, wishes. This newspaper can be decorated with clippings from magazines, postcards, interesting frame of zigzags and patterns.
Depending on the Hobbies of the celebrant, or decorate the poster with items that characterize his hobby, or make a stylized newspaper. For example, the commemorative poster for the philatelist can be in the form of postage stamps, and newspaper for the fisherman can be done in the form of the river of life, where each goldfish – bright or happy event in his life. Angles of posters for a financier decorate the comic notes, but if I congratulate the grower, attach near the basket with the gifts of nature.
Poster – thanks. Will have to carefully select a photo, it is advisable to be individual pictures of the celebrant with your spouse, children, grandchildren, co-workers, maybe during joint field trips, during the construction of a house or birdhouse, planting seedlings. Near each photo, add the caption: "Thank you for what you...", the end should match the image: "all these years next to me", "taught us to love the world", "shared the secrets of tasty cakes", "brought the firm many new clients and income, etc. are Better if these words are written by hand thanking.
The poster is a calendar reflecting the year of jubilee, month after month a significant or interesting event in the life of the celebrant. For example, my wife and I met in August, and in March might have caught the biggest fish. Beautiful bright photos, including those made using the program Adobe Photoshop, congratulatory poems and jokes are welcome.