A few decades ago the attitude of the printed and manuscript word was more timid. All the people signed each other holiday cards, and tried to choose the best available copies and be sure to write down the most gentle and warm words. Today not everyone follows this tradition, however, the birthday kid should definitely choose an interesting and beautiful card.

What card to choose?

When selecting greeting cards it is easy to get lost: there are so many kinds of options. Traditional paper cards are full of variety of subjects and pleasing to the eye with abundance of colors. On the cards for girls usually shows the unusual bouquets of flowers, beautiful princesses, heroes favorite fairy tales, cute Teddy bears or other funny animals. Among the popular themes of birthday cards for boys lead to all sorts of cars, ships and planes. There are often boys favorite cartoon characters, for example Superman, Spiderman or Batman.

Kids love musical greeting cards with funny tunes, many kids have a fun picture-puzzles, which the child assembles to receive congratulations on birthday. The older child can give a three-dimensional card, revealing that he'd see a Princess castle or a magical city, fun animals or a scene from your favorite fairy tale.

How to make a postcard by yourself?

If you really want to please the child, make him a card with his hands. First, so you can take into account all the wishes of the child and to give him a truly unique gift, and secondly, you will receive a lot of positive emotions from the realization of their ideas. Particularly good cards happy birthday work if their manufacturer to attract brothers and sisters of the birthday boy. These sessions provide cohesion for children and adults, as a result of their cooperation little masterpieces are born.

Doesn't really matter what kind of postcard you will buy for the child, the main thing is to write for her kind words and sincere wishes. That is why many psychologists believe that it is not necessary to give cards with a ready text, it is better to write something of their own, coming from the depths of the heart. And in any case can not give children the unsigned cards. So don't forget to write a few kind and affectionate words that will show your child how much you love him. Even better, if you compose a cheerful message of congratulations in the verses to be read in unison or sing it as a happy song.