You will need
  • paper or cardboard for the base;
  • - photographs for the selected subjects;
  • - art materials (depending on equipment) or a computer and a graphics editor Photoshop.
Determine a theme or the purpose for which you are creating the poster, because that is dictated by the visuals. For example, a poster-congratulation on the anniversary, graduation, or wedding poster design for corporate events – they will all be different in form and content.
Decide how you will create a poster manually in one of the artistic techniques (drawing, collage, applique) or by using computer graphics. Depends on how fantastic or realistic could be the idea of the story. Using the computer can realize the most incredible things, however, man-made poster better give your relationship to the person to be charged your energy.
Think of the composition of the poster – its visual content and the order of the objects on the worksheet. The basic rule of composition: it must have a center, which carries the main information, both visual and semantic. However, the center of the composition should not be placed strictly in the center, and with some offset. The secondary part does not have to compete with the main either in size or in brightness.
The simplest workaround is to create a collage of photos on a given subject. But to give a flavor of this idea in various visual arts: use beautiful textures as the background, the unusual processing of conventional photographs, use sophisticated fonts of various sizes (pin), etc.
Use coloured cardboard as the base, gels, sequins and other materials. Interesting your collage can also make unexpected materials: dry leaves, beautiful fabrics, lace, or, say, nuts, ties, gift bills etc.
Or apply non-standard course: make your work a vintage, for example, stylized under its very famous in the past a promotional poster or Soviet political poster under the poster of the cabaret "Moulin Rouge" or any well-known film. The protagonists of your work do for the person or persons to whom it is dedicated. Complete composition appropriate slogans, taglines, or signatures.
Think about what size poster will be the most appropriate in your case. For example, if you create a poster using computer graphics and want to make it big, you should be able to print the image in that format. The choice of size also depends on how comfortable the poster is to its destination or how it will be used: poster for "corporate" it is better to do large-scale, and gift placard may be placed on a sheet of A4.