When making posters you want to display all the events that happened in stages. You should get something like the comics where the main heroes will be the employees of the organization.
Take a sheet of drawing paper, lay on the table and make sketches in pencil. Mark out where and in what sequence will be located pictures. Think of original and witty comments. The newspaper must contain a header. It can be issued with letters cut out of magazines.
Photos need to be selected so that each employee could find himself. Will post some group photos. First posted in the newspaper photo can be shared. A proper title - "how it all began" - will mark the beginning of the celebration. Similarly, it is possible to finish the processing of the material.
Do not neglect the application. Cut from magazines holiday pics and paste between photos. If a team is the artist, you can bring it to the registration. The main thing that the newspaper present life. Eliminate dreary monotonous photos. Select the most fun, funny, good pictures.