Sometimes a brain cyst discovered accidentally during examination of the patient on another occasion. It does not bother the person, and the patient about the presence of the tumor does not even know. But often it's different. Man suffers from headaches, pressure in my head and bloating, noise in one or both ears may develop hearing impairment, epilepsy, unsteady gait or lameness. All the symptoms depend on the location of the cyst and compression of a particular area of the brain.
To cyst can occur for many reasons. These include: infection, including intrauterine; concussion; injury; autoimmune disease with progressive course; mini-strokes; poor circulation, etc.
Depending on the results of the examination, the neurosurgeon prescribes treatment, mostly surgical, sometimes urgent. Very rarely, if the cyst is small, treatment of the underlying disease that caused the appearance of tumors and numerous re-examination. If the cyst does not increase in size and the patient did not bother, then the operation can not do.
Depending on the location of the cyst and its size, a neurosurgeon will decide which type of treatment best suits the patient and will be less dangerous and traumatic. In some cases a craniotomy. If the place in which is located the cyst allows not to open the skull, then insert a tube through which it is gradually released in the accumulated fluid, but this method is very dangerous because it could get infected through an open space in the skull. The most preferred and safest method is an endoscopic punctures, but this operation can be performed, as the location of the cyst may not allow access to it through the punctures.