The sinuses of the nose

Paranasal sinuses (sinuses) is a pneumatic cavity, which communicate with the nasal cavity through small holes. In humans, four sinuses, three of them pairs: Maxillary, frontal, ethmoid labyrinth and sphenoid single (main).

Maxillary sinus

Maxillary sinus (or maxillary sinus) – this is a paired sinus of the nose, which is connected with the nasal cavity. Is in the body of the maxilla. Inside it is covered with several layers of mucous and ciliated (ciliary) epithelium. There are very few nerve fibers, therefore, almost always of the disease a long time does not give symptoms.

Causes of cysts of the maxillary sinus

Usually the cause of the cysts are inflammatory diseases of the sinuses - sinusitis (inflammation of sinuses). The most common of these is rhinitis and sinusitis. Often such disease is very quickly become chronic. At constant inflammation of the mucous thickens and inhibits the outflow of mucus, which accumulates and forms a mucous formation.

Diagnosis of the disease

The cyst appears gradually and not makes itself felt. The cyst can be seen on x-rays, imaging of the brain MRI. Usually diagnosed accidentally when handling complaints of sinusitis or other reasons when necessary these studies. Although sometimes, when the process is neglected, a cyst can grow and fill almost the entire maxillary sinus, then the patient is experiencing discomfort, congestion and so on. If you join even a mild cold, symptoms of acute sinusitis.


If the cyst is small and does not bring inconvenience, her see specialist (otolaryngologist), which as needed, prescribes medicine (decongestant, antihistamines). But if the cyst is of large size and because of her deteriorated health, it must be removed. By far the most safe and the most used surgical intervention is endoscopic removal (using a laser through a small puncture). This method avoids large incisions and significantly reduce the operation time and recovery period after it.

The same there are traditional methods of treatment, but often they only lead to degradation or even formation of new cysts. And to prevent this disease need to monitor their health, in time to the end of to cure common cold.