Cyst Tarlov is a type of perineural cysts spine. It is a congenital pathology not manifested any symptoms. It is often discovered accidentally. However, if the cyst has a size greater than 1.5 cm, it presses on the spinal cord and spinal roots. The result is pain at the location of the cyst, which appears after stress.
If the cyst is located in the cervical spine, may cause headache, dizziness, lability of blood pressure. When the location of the pathology in the lumbosacral disrupted pelvic organs. This is manifested by a disorder of bowel function, the process of urination, violation of potency. Observed disorders of motor function and sensitivity of the upper or lower extremities.
Diagnosis cysts Tarlova holds neurosurgeon on the basis of complaints of the patient, General survey, inspection of the spine, palpation. Additionally appointed the following methods of examination: x-ray, ultrasound of the spine, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, myelography, General clinical research methods (General analysis of blood, urine, biochemical blood test).
Treatment of cysts Tarlova is complex. He was sent to the relief and prevention of possible complications. Therapy of cysts of the spine can be conservative and surgical. At small dimensions of the cavity, the absence of pronounced pain syndrome and disorders of functions of internal organs conducted conservative treatment.
You need to be on bed rest. The diet should be balanced and contain enough proteins, vitamins, micro - and macroelements. The patient is prescribed painkillers ("Analgin", "Baralgin") and anti-inflammatory drugs ("Dikloberl"), b vitamins, improves metabolic processes in cells, vitamin C for strengthening blood vessels and improve immunity.
Use tools to improve microcirculation ("Pentoxifylline") and drugs that reduce degenerative processes in bone and cartilage tissue ("don", "Arthropod", "Structum"). In the treatment of cysts Tarlova use of physiotherapeutic methods: phonophoresis, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and therapeutic massage, which helps to stabilize the spine, strengthening the back muscles.
Shown reflexology, physiotherapy. If the cyst is large, it is removed surgically. The operation allows to eliminate compression of the spinal cord and spinal roots, resulting in improved blood circulation, restores disturbed functions of the internal organs, the sensitivity and motor activity.