Glis: symptoms, causes, diagnosis

Glis occurs due to various diseases, including multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, encephalitis, hypertension, and also due to prolonged oxygen starvation, including transferred before birth, or birth injury. Depending on the cause of the damage and death of neurons, lesions may be single or multiple and be located in different areas of the brain - in the frontal or temporal lobes, the hypothalamus. View gliosis is determined by its location and nature of the proliferation of cells.
The reason for the development of gliosis may also be hereditary-degenerative diseases of the Central nervous system.

The signs of this pathological process – headaches, often prolonged and continuous, sharp jumps in blood pressure. To determine or to suspect glioz of these symptoms it is impossible, moreover, most often it is asymptomatic, not detecting, and detected in the survey are assigned for other reasons.

For the diagnosis of gliosis applied magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – this method of study gives the most complete information about the size of the lesions, their number and localization. To find out the result of the process was their appearance requires a complete comprehensive examination prescribed by a doctor-neurologist.

Treatment and prevention

Since glioz is not an independent disease, there is a need in therapy of the underlying disease, eliminate the cause of the destruction of neurons and their replacement by glia. If this is not possible (for example, outbreaks were due to long-deferred lesions of the brain) and symptoms of dysfunction of the Central nervous system, it is enough to be screened regularly to monitor the size and growth rate of lesions. If, Glion develops as a result of an active process, the doctor prescribes treatment.
Treatment to get rid of foci of gliosis and replace them with healthy neurons, does not exist, it usually only requires prevention of the formation of new lesions.

Great importance for the prevention of gliosis has a healthy lifestyle, particularly a balanced diet. You should reduce the number of fat – according to recent studies, the abundance of fatty foods has a detrimental effect on the brain. Regular consumption of fat-rich foods causes the death of neurons in certain areas of the brain, and die the nerve cells that control weight. In response to their destruction mechanism is triggered gliosis, foci of which protect against damage to the surrounding brain tissue.