You will need
  • coffee;
  • late night;
  • energy drinks;
  • the Internet;
  • a good memory;
  • crib
  • books.
Get ready not to sleep. Sounds corny, but to learn over night exam, you need to make every effort not to fall asleep during training. Stock up on coffee for energy, and chocolate for better functioning of the brain. You can eat at night fish, which is also shown to improve brain activity, but it happens that after a heavy meal I want to sleep. And it is possible to accomplish your mission.
For those people who coffee is not very invigorating, suitable energy drinks. In everyday life, most of them harmful to consume, but in our case it is possible to remove the ban on the consumption. But for just one night!
Use the world wide web. Read the tutorial in such a situation is impermissible. Enter questions in the search resources and try to write a brief summary of each question in your notebook. After he made the cherished notes, read them carefully again.
Proceed to preparation of Cribs. Of course, it is not necessary to hope that you just all sleep with Cribs. You need them for confidence. Don't crib on all questions, only those that cause you difficulty. Write concisely, only the most basic formulae, definitions, concepts.
After you have prepared the crib, they are also worth a thoughtful read.
Take breaks in training. Spare your mental health and don't sit on the Internet and over the Cribs. Do a little physical exercise every 15-20 minutes. Thereby you will give rest to the overloaded brain.
Sleep a few hours. Do not torture yourself quite so sleepless nightth. The material memorable, you need to sleep at least 2-3 hours. Once you sleep, you will calm down the information in his head. So it's not worth waking up to start anew to re-read the notes.
As for the call of "freebies" and other student traditions, for their own reassurance you can shout out the window, put the slot under the heel. However, if you are skeptical about those signs, then do not bother, for you they don't "work".