The accountant was able to correctly calculate the cost of fuel, trip sheete must contain fuel consumption and mileage of the car.
Consumption of fuel is calculated according to the established norms, in line with the brand, car model, considering the operating conditions of the vehicle.The basic rule is measured in litres per 100 kilometers of the car.
For passenger car fuel consumption can be calculated as:
normative fuel consumption (in litres) multiply the basic fuel consumption rate, vehicle mileage (l/100 km) on the mileage of the vehicle. Next, adjust rate by using the correction coefficient.This correction factor allows to increase or decrease the flow rate based on operating conditions of the vehicle.
For example, in winter, the norm is increased by 5-20%, as it increases and if you use a vehicle in the highlands.There are also amendments depending on the population of cities in which the vehicle is operated. So, in the cities, this figure reaches 20%, and in towns just 5%.10% increases the rate of running-in a new car or operate vehicle has passed capital repairs.In difficult road conditions (sand drifts, ice, etc.) the dose may be increased to 50%.The lower rate is possible with work of transport in flat terrain, outside of natural areas, on public roads.