You will need
  • - computer
  • - camera or scanner
  • - special program
Just a few steps you can transfer your favorite book from "paper bound" to typed text on the computer. To book could not simply be transferred into electronic text but also easy to open on any computer would be the best Doc that is opened by many text editors, including everyone's favorite Word.
You first need to copy page by scanning or photographing. In this case, you get electronic versions of the pages, but while in the compressed format of pictures Jpg. You can certainly write and so, they will be comfortable enough "to turn", but that's a long time to read the text in this case would not be very nice and useful for eyes.
To picture make plain text, it is necessary to recognize. This is perfectly done by using special programs, one of which must be on the computer or to install it. One of the most famous are the fine Reader (Fine Reader) and CuneiForm.
Next, the program starts and scans the text on the images, which then starts the process of text recognition.
Once the program generates a text from a Jpg file, it can be saved in various text formats, including Doc format. Thus, it is easy to obtain a file with the book in electronic form.