The track sheet is issued before the beginning of the working day or shift, as a rule, the period of the current day. On the form track sheetand in the upper left corner stamp of the company.
The traveling sheetat the assigned series and number, issuing date written track sheet (for example, 06 January 2008). These data are taken from the magazine issuing travel sheets. In it the driver must sign for the receipt of this specific sheet.
In the column "Brand of car" States the brand in accordance with the TCP. Then written the state number plate, the garage is a room (if available).
Next is written the surname, name and patronymic (name) of the driver, his personnel number (for state-owned enterprises). Below is the driver's license number, class.
In the "License card" crossed out the missing card (standard or limited), written existing data: registration number, series and number.
Under the line "the Car is technically serviceable" indicates the reading of the speedometer at the time of departure of the vehicle and checking its technical condition mechanic. After checking, he puts his signature to allow leaving the car. The driver signs that took the car is in good condition.
Writing is given a task to the driver. It specifies the organization, in whose possession enters the car, the address of the feed. The dispatcher records time of departure from the garage (hours, minutes), puts his signature and decrypting the signature. In the section "Movement of fuel" mechanic indicates brand of fuel, its code, the number of issued fuel at a filling sheetand the remainder after the assignment of the previous shift. At the end of the car the amount of fuel remaining is recorded in the column "remaining fuel in return."
Based on these data, calculates the actual fuel consumption as recorded in the appropriate row. For is not considered the consumption norm. The difference between these two data is recorded respectively in the column "Savings" or "Overrun".
The mechanic takes the car, said the track sheete speedometer when returning to the garage, puts his signature. The driver signed that the car passed.
The front side shall be certified by the seal of the enterprise.
How to make a waypoint <b>sheet</b> passenger <em>vehicle</em>
On the reverse side of the track sheetand stands for work during the shift, which is confirmed by the signature of the person in whose possession was given to the car.
In the summary row counts the number of hours on duty, the number of kilometers traveled.
Accountant companies makes payroll driver, puts his signature and decrypting the signature.
How to make a waypoint <b>sheet</b> passenger <em>vehicle</em>