You will need
  • The form of the waybill of the truck.
For accounting, as well as to assess the effectiveness of the operation of each unit of road transport are used waybills. The correctness of the waybills trucks has for enterprises of key economic importance.
For the carriage of goods, providing for piece-rate and time-based payment for the work performed, apply waybills form N 4-N 4-p, which is necessary to fill in all the fields and rows.
The form of the track list is filled exclusively dispatching service company did. The information introduced by the Manager on work with freight transport in the directions, be sure to specify the registration data of the vehicle and trailer, if required for the job.
It is also indicated the task to the driver: distance and time of submission of the vehicle for loading to the customer, the distance of transportation of cargo, number of trips with cargo and the number of transported tonnes, according to job. Based on the data in the job Manager calculates the required for task performance amount of fuel, the results of calculations and indicates in the column "Grant fuel", and then puts his signature.
After receiving the driver trip sheet Manager, he is undergoing medical screening for security clearance. What physician made a mark in the appropriate section of the waybill and then put a personal signature.
Before leaving the line, the car is checked by the originator mechanic at a motor enterprise, in which also the relevant section makes a mark on the health of the car and puts his signature.
Later in the process, the level of directions made already by an authorised person - a representative of the customer, which marks the arrival and departure of the vehicle. Also indicates the actual volume of cargo transportation. In this case, filled with: loose-leaf card and the relevant sections on the reverse side of the waybill shall be attached waybills, signed by the driver as a representative of the company and also by customer's representative, whose signature is certified by a seal or stamp.