You will need
  • - directions form corresponding to the type of the car;
  • - data driver.
Track sheet issued by the Manager or authorized employee of the organization in a single instance. Typically, the sheet is given by 1 business day, but in the case if the employee goes on a business trip, may be issued in a few days.
Indicate on the front side of the track sheetas: serial number, date of issue, brand and number of the car. Put the seal and stamp of the organization. If the transportation requires a license, make a mark in the "License card".
On the reverse side you need to specify the route of the car: mileage, destination, time of departure from the garage and return. These data will be considered by the accountant in the payroll driver and for decommissioning spent fuel.
The section "the result of the work of the car for a change" is filled in by the accountant. When hourly wages it is necessary to specify the number of hours worked. The amount is specified in line "For hours, RUB, COP.," in piecework - data fit in the line "For mileage, RUB, COP."
Put a stamp on the passing of pretrip inspection, indicating the date and the exact time. It should also be full name and signature of medical worker who carried out the inspection. No stamp is threatened by the imposition of a fine in the amount from 1000 to 5000 rubles.
To make corrections in the track sheet you need, assuring them of signature of the responsible persons, indicating the date of adjustment. All issued sheets register in the register of travel of the sheets. It consistently record the date and number of the issued sheetand the data driver, be sure to have the signature of the dispatcher and the driver received a travel sheet.