Remember, the track sheet should be issued by either enterprise Manager or another employee (for example, the driver of this car). Moreover, it contains information only about one working day (change) of the driver. No put the previous sheetand will not issue a new one, so need to fill it out accurately and on time.
Before the issuance of the track sheetand it should start to fill up Manager. To this end, he fills a special and approved form. It indicates the full date of issue (day, month and year). This date must match the date shown in the register of travel of the sheets, which is also filled with the Manager. In addition, the track sheete must be filled in the column "operation mode", which fits the code or that the employment schedule (weekdays, business trip, work in weekend or public holiday, on schedule or off it, etc.). This is the line to fill to the driver accrued wages.
Also the track sheete is necessary to specify what kind of car (its make, license number and type) leaves for work. In addition prescribed and even garage room. In the case if you use additional tools (such as trailers), the relevant information about them (number, make and type) recorded under "trailers".
Later in the track sheet information relating to the person that will use this motor vehicle. Therefore, in the line "accompanying person" must be written his name and initials.
In the section "driver and vehicle" enter actual time of departure and arrival of the car, pointing hours and minutes. If the car is used only once, then you need to fill in the information line "in whose possession". Here you must specify the name of the organization or person of the customer. Do not forget to include the line "arrival time". It should display information on the time (hours and minutes) when the car arrived to the customer.
Also on the form of the track sheetand indicate how much fuel was granted subject to a remainder from the previous day. The correctness of the track sheetand check the driver's license of the driver, the produce Manager, and then signs the document.