Pass a medical examination all the kids who will go to kindergarten. This procedure can take place in its district hospital at the place of residence, but commercial companies also have the right to fill children's map.

All moms eager to quickly pass all the experts, without hesitation, as it is difficult for their child. Therefore, it is recommended to take the time to stretch and visit the clinic at least a week. Thus, the child will not be tired will not be afraid of doctors, and therefore will not to cry and let yourself quietly explore.
To start a physical need with a visit to your pediatrician. It will give you a special baby card (A4), which will bring all information about your child, about his vaccinations, about an illness and the parents. This card is valid for about six months (check with your pediatrician), but doctors you need to have time to go over a month. This is important because of the record specialists are valid only for one month. It turns out that, starting to pass a physical first, you need to have time to finish it before the first day of the following month.

You will also have to fill out a statement in which you give the right specialists to examine your baby for medical examination. The pediatrician will write you a list of specialists that you have to go through. It will also prescribe the directions for tests that need to be put at the end of the examination.
Next, you have to make an appointment to specialists. As suggested above, don't take a lot of number plates on one day is too tiring for the child. On the medical Board need to go to professionals such as:
- the optometrist who examines the fundus of the child will determine the degree of vision;
otolaryngologist who examines the ears, nose and throat; will record the peculiarities of their structure;
- orthopedic surgeon, who will examine the posture of the child's gait (how the foot sets); determine whether the baby has a hernia or dropsy of the testicles;
the psychiatrist who examines the development of the child and his psycho-emotional state;
the neurologist who checks the nervous system of the baby and the functioning of the vestibular apparatus;
the dentist looks at the condition of teeth and mouth;
- urologist / gynecologist who looks at the condition of the genital organs in boys\girls.
It is required to take another and a dermatologist and speech therapist (3 years). Sometimes, the results of these professionals, the child may additionally send an appointment to other doctors, to eliminate the risk of pathologies.
After all professionals need to be tested. This:
- the General analysis of urine;
- the General analysis of blood;
- a blood sugar;
- analysis of a feces on eggs a worm;
- scraping on enterobiasis.
All tests can be taken in one day. But you should try to keep up, because the lab usually only work early in the morning.
After all the procedures again, you need to come to your pediatrician. It is the last to examine your baby. She will issue a certificate of epidokruzhenii, which States that the child had no contact with patients during the last seven days and perfectly healthy. At the end of the appointment the paediatrician will give permission to visit the kindergarten.

Baby card you will need to include in a kindergarten and hand over head, to the child enrolled in the group.