Purchase a sharp tool for carving on wood at the hardware store. This tool will allow you to produce your work efficiently and accurately. You need to buy some cutters for wood with different sizes of blades (thickness and width), from small to great.
Prepare before work, sand paper of different grits for sanding their work. These actions will give the figure not only complete, but also the perfect smoothness of the surface. Find and prepare for working a work piece with size that you want to cut your figure. For beginners it is best to take a billet of soft wood.
Possibly, creating the first figure, invite the instructor, so for example, you could perform the same actions and see clearly the whole process of working, acquiring skills.
Prepare your workspace by clearing it from all sorts of debris and preparing the instrument that it was, as they say, at hand.
Select the chart pattern that you will cut out of wood. Start cut, neatly using the required size cutters.
Sanded the product after cutting all the decorative elements. Cover the product with varnish, so it lasts longer preserved and does not react to external stimuli.