You will need
  • Wooden churbachkov, chisel, knife, sandpaper, linseed oil (Flaxseed oil)
So, let's get to the blank thumbs. To saw a few churbachkov with a length of 25 cm and a diameter of 10 cm Ideal material – birch, but it'll do and any fruit tree with hard wood.
Cleave the block a little in half. Obesite it gently to make a semi-circular bulge on one side and a tapering handle. This rough image of a spoon is baklushi. Cook thumbs was taken in the autumn, and long winter evenings of them have already effortlessly made beautiful spoons.
With a knife trim the form so that it became graceful and gained smooth lines. When working with a knife try to send traffic from itself.
The hole in the spoon is make with semi-circular chisel. Choose wood from the edge to the center. Remember about safety. In case of accidental dropping of the workpiece, the chisel should go in the direction, not you.
Periodically hold the spoon to his mouth, to see how comfortable it is. Cut the blank in those places where it is needed. Too deep cutting is not necessary.
If backlash was previously well dried, then made the spoon you can Polish with sandpaper. But fresh wood is much easier to cut.
Final processing of the spoon involves the impregnation of linseed oil or linseed oil. It is recommended to do after the final drying of wood. If you are confident in your artistic taste, you can also paint ready-made wooden spoon that will give it a completely finished look.