Select a plate that will burn. The wood surface should be flat, smooth and of uniform color. If you are just beginning your acquaintance with this decorative technique, try your hand on the plywood – it is cheaper, but quality is good for training.
Prepare the Foundation. If possible, Atzilut wood. You clean it with fine sandpaper and coat with varnish for wood.
Draw a sketch of the pattern or story that will burn out on paper. It needs to be simple enough, no small parts. Despite the fact that the finished boards sometimes additional paint colors, the meaning of the picture must be guessed and the contour of which will be scorched. Finished drawings can be found in sets for burning, training manuals and websites dedicated to this technique.
With the help of carbon paper put the silhouette on a plate. Heat elektrovyzhigatel so that its pin was Burgundy. Take a pen tool like a pencil. Apply pattern starting from the outer contours. Straight lines need a quick light strokes without pressure. To increase the thickness of the stroke, reduce the speed of movement of the tool. When you need to put dots or curved lines, hold the burner perpendicular to the surface of the Board.
Don't spend several lines nearby. The tree is very hot, and the intervals between strokes can be burned. After completing one element of the picture, engaged in a distant part of the Board that this managed to cool down.
The color of the lines on the pattern can be changed. It will get darker as the heat of the burner. The shape of the strokes change, experimenting with the tilt knob and push on it. You can also purchase a burner with a removable curly feathers.
Finished picture again treated with fine emery paper. Then it can be painted or to cover a glossy or matte lacquer.