For the manufacture of the main logs of the dummy you can use any wood species. As long as it was well dried to avoid cracking. For the manufacture of "hands" and "feet" use the best hardwoods – elm, maple, oak. These parts of the dummy are exposed to significant mechanical loads, therefore it is an unacceptable presence of knots, cord and other defects of wood.
"The wooden man Wing Chun is a wooden pole cylindrical shape. Post height 150-190 cm, diameter of 20-25 cm In the upper part of the trunk located at the top two "arms" that are inserted into the holes. The third (middle) arm located under the top two. Under the "average hand" has a bent "knee" "leg" of the dummy.
The dummy is rigidly mounted on the floor or driven in the ground. Now you can find designs in which the "body" of the dummy is mounted on a frame of the two beams passing through the holes in the top and bottom of the column. Not excluded, and another mount of "wooden man": on a rotating basis or on a spring.
Dummy wing-Chun – shell individual, its dimensions can be different depending on the height and build of a person, exercising with him. Before the production of "wooden man" consider his design, and transfer their calculations to a drawing or sketch.
The most difficult part of the process – making of the "body" of the dummy. Will have to give the beam a cylindrical shape (the butt log thicker). Remove the bark with an axe and chop off the branches. Protruding parts stesia.
Electric planer print a cylindrical pillar shape. Use a mold from sturdy cardboard or plastic. Sanded the post with emery paper. Then wet it with water and let it dry. After drying, Polish the product with a coarse cloth or felt. The surface should be as smooth as possible.
The easiest option of making "hands" - rigidly fixed on the pole of the stick. This mount is convenient when installing a "wood person" close to the wall. More complex options involve the use of springs, providing the movement of the "hand" in the longitudinal direction.
"Leg" can be made in one of several ways. Possible construction, welded of metal pipe and wrapped in soft material. The second option – the "foot" of wood, assembled from parts. It should be used only solid wood. Can make and one-piece wooden "leg", carefully picking up the workpiece from the bending.
After fabrication all items cover them with a stain and varnish. Paint the metal parts. After drying, "the wooden man" again polished with felt, built, and installed in place of training. It is best to embed the dummy fit interior walls or loggia.