1. First and foremost, to successfully cut the tree you must have sharp tool. This is very important since in its absence carefully to do the carving, is simply impossible. Possibly even to perform a simple carving, you need to have on hand a few cutters with blades of different thickness and width. This will make it easy to cut different elements. You will also need material for sanding wooden surfaces. He needed to preform was perfectly smooth.

2. Then you'll need piece of wood itself. Looking at for a thread, it is important that piece of wood was soft enough, it will allow more successfully to learn the basics of art.

3. Since the thread is not only a hobby but also an art, it is better to enlist the help and support of the instructor. This will allow you to visualize the process of working with natural wood. No book about woodcarving would not give such visual illustrations, as a visual master class. The thread and the many complex aspects and elements that may seem confusing to the beginner.

4. If the help is missing, you must prepare the workplace, and to choose the scheme of the pattern, or additional decorative items that you will be cut from the tree. It is very important to use for cutting out this or that element of the cutter at the optimum width and shape, otherwise, the job is much more difficult, and the time it may need longer.

5. After the decorative elements on the surface of the workpiece is cut, it must again be sanded, and varnished to protect the wood from destruction under the action of external factors, as well as to give the product a finished look.

Carving complex, and the right to perform one or another element beginner is very difficult. However, if you have decided to learn the art of carving, it should be possible to be patient and to exert maximum effort. No need to think that everything will turn out right the first time, however, the patience and the desire to master the technique thread which is very interesting, will help to achieve success quickly.