I would like to note that wooden bowls are handmade you can do for yourself and your friends absolutely any form and in any quantity, and it will need to perform only a series of simple steps.
Prepare the routerto which you want to pin to the rotating base of the cutter so that when you run the disk cutter rotates on a circle with the desired radius.
Cut a billet of wood of cylindrical shape the size you want. The height of the workpiece and its diameter must be equal. For the manufacture of a ball of wood with your hands it is best to take the blank out of basswood, pine, oak or walnut.
Obstruye the workpiece with a knife on wood and give it the shape of roundness (sphere). Attach the resulting billet in a horizontal position so that the future centre of the ball was right on the axis of rotation of your drive. The cutter will touch the workpiece and mill it.
Start the machine. Remember, the ball will succeed only when the workpiece will rotate with a minimum speed.
Start to mill all sides of the wood until then, until you get the ball. On the same principle you can make dozens of balls of wood.
Take a ball and apply a wood varnish, thus protecting the tree from different diseases and giving the product a decent look. In addition, if you made wooden decorations for interior, then your balls , you can decorate an ordinary carving, carving special pattern, thus, or just stripes in different directions, as well the balls can be painted in colorful shades or leave uncoated. In this case, remember that exercise thread immediately after blasting and then coating the finished product with varnish.